Lushfoil Photography Sim

Capture photos in beautiful locales

Freeform Exploration
Experience detailed, true-to-life recreations of beautiful and diverse locations around the world. Trek through and explore environments to capture stunning vistas and landscapes with your fully-featured in-game camera. Discover hidden secrets and objectives that reward patient and observant players that have a good eye for angles and perspectives.

The natural wonder of Lushfoil’s world is enhanced by an ambient, ethereal soundtrack featuring licensed music from artists around the world.

Capture the Perfect Shot
The in-game camera includes an abundance of settings that you’d expect from a real-world professional DSLR camera. The camera simulates settings such as Auto/Manual Focus, Flash, Exposure, Contrast, White Balance, Aperture, Burst Shot, and other effects for full creative control over your photography. The game further provides tools that allow for manipulation of the environmental conditions for your photos, such as manual adjustment of light angles, fog, snow, wind, and rain.

Off the Beaten Path
Dive deeper into the game’s many locations to find unlockable cameras and experience the world from different perspectives. Find a first-person drone that allows you to soar above the landscape and see the world from a different lens, or find a hidden kayak that allows you to traverse still waters in pursuit of the perfect shot.

Optimized for Beauty
Each environment has been created in Unreal Engine 5 and is built from the ground up to be both efficiently optimized and showcase the game’s locations in stunning visual fidelity. There are extensive custom settings that will help the game run on a wide range of PCs, while taking full advantage of high-end graphics cards.